Your Voice Matters: Contribute Your Ideas to Ipoh’s Budget 2024


Let your voice be heard! Share your innovative ideas and suggestions to shape the future of Ipoh. Your participation matters in building a vibrant and sustainable city.

In order to ensure an inclusive Budget for 2024, Ipoh City Council invites the public to contribute any ideas and suggestions for the upcoming budget, which is currently in the preparation process.

Your ideas and suggestions can be submitted through the official website  or by scanning the  QR code (below). Submission date is from June 1, 2023until June 30, 2023 (Friday).

Ipoh City Council encourages the public to utilize this platform to its fullest potential and provide valuable input for the development of physical infrastructure, social programs, urban planning, and essential urban services. Together, we can plan strategically for the well-being and harmony of our city.

Image Source: MBI FB

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