Totsu-totsu Dance Workshop Focusing On Dementia Care In Ipoh


The one-day workshop, which runs alongside the Ipoh International Art Festival, is organised by Kamal and will feature Totsu-totsu Dance in addition to other therapeutic arts.

Event: Ipoh Healing Arts Festival

Date: 29 December, 2022 (Thu)

Venue: PORT Ipoh (No.9, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Ipoh)

Admission: Free

Language: English and Japanese (with Japanese to English interpretation)



Jareo Osamu is a Japanese dancer and choreographer with over ten years of experience working with dementia patients. Kamal Sabran is an artist and researcher who has been researching the feasibility of sound art interventions for dementia in Malaysia. They have been working together with individuals who have dementia, their care partners, and their families who live in Malaysia via a series of workshops and discussions.

For more information: call Kamal Sabran at +6016-553 3391.


Source:とつとつダンス Totsu-totsu Dance FB

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