The Joy of Giving: Dato Dr. Majumdar’s Birthday Bash


On the 10th of March 2024, The Rotary Club of Greentown and Friends of Rotary organized a party in Dato Dr Majumdar’s house, to make her wish come true – to see all her friends come together in her garden.

Malaysia’s first lady Dermatologist who made Ipoh her home many decades ago, is a well-known philanthropist and patron of diverse societies.  With her clinic in Fair Park, she set out to do her part to make Ipoh a better place for everyone. 

Her friends came bearing gifts and donations which have made it possible for the organizers to make a generous donation to the Perak Society for the Promotion of Mental Health. Dato in turn, very generously donated copies of her book “The Joy of Living” to her guests.

Friends and organizations Dato had supported over the years, gathered in a grand show of fun and songs to celebrate her birthday and to commemorate what she has done over the years, to uplift the lives of many people including animals, in Ipoh. The guests included her personal friends, members of the ISPCA, the Society for the Promotion of Mental Health in Perak, the Ipoh Fine Arts Society, various Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, as well as professionals such as dermatologists, doctors, lawyers, dental surgeons, teachers, and others.

The Rotary Club of Greentown

A founder member of this very vibrant club, she was its first lady President in 1995.  She actively participated in all their projects locally and internationally.  Being a hands-on member she demonstrated that no job was too big or too small for her and in the process taught the power of humility when helping others.  

Today she is an honorary member of the club and a Paul Harris Member. Members of the club, honoured and recognized Dato by presenting her with the “Extraordinary Woman of Ipoh” sash for International Women’s Day, that evening.  

Perak Society for the Promotion of Mental Health

Dato has been the president of this society which is affiliated to the World Federation for Mental Health, since 1986.  This society is very close to her heart. In the multi-purpose workshop, handicraft making, ceramic production and other cottage industries have greatly benefitted the residents over the years. 

The love and appreciation the society has for Dato Majumdar, was clearly displayed when they, transformed the place into a beautiful garden complete with tents, tables and chairs, decorations, food and drinks for the party.  

Ipoh Fine Arts Society

Her great love appreciation for the arts saw her as the active patron of the Ipoh Fine Arts Society that was founded in 1989 to promote the rich beauty of arts and culture in Ipoh.  Dato, an accomplished violinist and pianist herself, who loves the theatre, was a regular familiar personality at the shows brought to Ipoh. 

International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

When you remember Dato, you remember her dogs and her love for all animals. As a patron of ISPCA, she has been a very active supporter and donor as well. She supported their efforts to help all strays and find homes for them.  Led by their president, members came to show their appreciation for her support.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness

A very spiritual person, Dato was active in this organization. The very lively, talented emcee and singer for the evening Mr Yoges, paid tribute to Dato by not accepting any payment for the amazing job he did, and the PA system that he brought.

Knowing Dato’s love for music and songs the organisers put together the medley of songs for the evening, which got Dato and the guests singing joyously. The evening resounded with songs and laughter.  Dato herself sang a couple of Japanese songs she had learnt as teenager during the war.

The evening ended with a spiritual song. 

Source:The Organising Team

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