Socso Insurance Protection For Housewives


Women aged 55 and younger would be covered against household injuries or disability under a new social security plan. Beginning on December 1st, the scheme will be put into action. It’s part of the Housewives Social Security Bill (HSS) passed on Aug. 9.

  With an upfront payment of RM120 yearly, the scheme includes women doing housework, such as cleaning, grocery shopping, or driving their dependents. Single mothers, widows and unmarried women who perform household duties are also eligible for coverage under the scheme, alongside Malaysian permanent residents. Apart from their husbands, contributions can also be made by the wives themselves, their family members or any third party on their behalf, including non-governmental organisations or even the government.

The scheme had two types of benefits: domestic injury benefits and Invalidity benefits.

Domestic injury benefits include medical benefits, temporary disablement benefits, constant-attendance allowance, facilities for physical or vocational rehabilitation, funeral benefits and survivors’ pension.

Invalidity benefits, meanwhile, include morbid allowance, constant-attendance allowance, facilities for physical or vocational rehabilitation, funeral benefit and survivors’ pension.

If the spouse is unable to make the payments owing to a loss of income, he must contact Socso within 60 days. There was no wage restriction for qualified recipients to contribute to the system, with all enjoying the same advantages for RM120. If a marriage ended in divorce, the husband died, or the husband couldn’t pay into the plan, the wife would still be covered until the end of her 12-month coverage period.

Image Source:Perkeso FB & Levi Guzman

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