Smooth Roads Ahead: Ipoh Adopts Cutting-Edge Pothole Solution


YBhg. Dato’ Rumaizi bin Baharin@Md Daud, the Mayor of Ipoh, went out to observe a new initiative to replace the existing method for road pothole repairs with the latest ‘Hot In-Place’ technology on Ghazali Jawi Road earlier today.

The Ipoh City Council has embarked on a new initiative to replace the conventional method for road pothole repairs with the latest ‘Hot In-Place’ technology.

This method utilizes cutting-edge technology, which involves an all-in-one vehicle-based approach, encompassing heating equipment, excavation, asphalt bitumen preparation, and compaction machinery.

A trial of this method has been carried out to enhance the road patching process, which was previously time-consuming using the ‘mark and cut’ method. With this approach, the pothole repair process will be expedited, leading to an improvement in the quality of repairs compared to the conventional method.

This method will be implemented on major roads within the Ipoh City Council’s administrative area.

An area of 1,200 square meters per month has been allocated to Puncak Emas Infra, the concession company responsible for road maintenance under MBI’s jurisdiction.

This method has been in use since November 2023 to ensure the comfort and safety of road users, ultimately reducing the frequency of pothole complaints that often occur during the high rainfall season of the monsoon transition.

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  1. Pls provide their implementation schedule to fix potholes. Criteria for pothole ? finished road surface Minus 10 mm or 20mm or 30mm ? This is a short term measure. Roads have a design life and potholes are an indication of lapses in specs or supervision allowing substandard work. Even overloading and water stagnation can cause potholes. Pls go for long term solution. Seek JKR expertise, where possible.

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