Rodent Control Campaign in Ipoh


In an effort to control  rodent problems which create nuisance at public markets, the Ipoh City Council launched a “Rodent Control Campaign” in the city recently. 

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin@Md Daud launched the campaign in front of the UTC building attended by councillors and department heads. 

The campaign started on June 6 and will end on August 31.

It is one of the activities of the council to achieve its target Ipoh Cleanest City status.

The council’s  Vector Control Unit and Health Department has selected Ipoh Main Market, Pasir Puteh and Pasar Pinji markets for the campaign in phases and later to other markets under the supervision of the council and food courts. 

The objective of the campaign is to prevent spreading of diseases, viruses and bacteria including Leptospirosis.

The main cause of rodent nuisance is  unwanted vegetables, fruits, fish, dirty boxes and burrows found in the area. 

Traders must take the initiative and  cooperate by placing the  leftovers in rubbish plastic bags and tie them up before disposing of them in garbage bins. 

The commitment by traders and stall operators is vital in keeping the surrounding clean. 

They should use the rodent traps which are distributed during the campaign. 

From January to May this year a total of 747 rodent traps were placed and 117 rodents were destroyed at buildings owned by the council, markets and food courts. 


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