RM1 million for Ipoh Central market upgrade


The Ipoh Central market will receive a RM1 million makeover thanks to the new Minister of Local Government.

The funds will go a long way to renovate and refurbish the iconic marker. For those who can remember,  it was also the location of the Super Kinta hypermarket in the early days.

The minister YB Nga Kor Ming made a walkabout to the central market and Pasir Pinji earlier today.

He was accompanied by the State Esco for Housing and Local Government Ms Sandrea Ng Shy Ching and Ipoh Mayor Dato Rumaizi Baharin and other heads of departments  from state and federal agencies.

Thanks to the Minister, the Pasir Pinji areas will also get allocation for its new market 

The vendors at the Pasir Pinji market will be provided with a new location to operate. It is also a 50 year-old building. There will also be ample parking spaces made available.

The new market will add to the quality and enhancement of the local community there.

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