Retaining Wall @ Ipoh Garden South Collapsed


Several areas in Ipoh are once again hit by flash floods following heavy rain since this afternoon.

Surrounding neighbourhoods and main roads especially near JPJ Ipoh were turned into temporary rivers by this flash flood. A retaining wall in Ipoh Garden south also collapsed due to the heavy rain and a few cars parked along the wall were damaged.

The quick action of the Bomba, Police and MBI is to be commended as they diverted traffic, maintained order and carried out repair works.

Thankfully most of the water receded later in the evening.

2 Responses

  1. The rampant cutting down of trees and increase in impervious areas have contributed to the higher volume of surface run off flows overcoming the capacity of an old drainage system, built years ago. Unless the entire drainage infrastructure is upgraded, flash flooding will increase in frequency. City hall must start now before worse cases happen. Local councillors must lead this effort.

  2. Efforts has to be taken seriously before something untoward happens again. Hoping to see changes.

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