Resolving Nuisance Complaints in Persiaran Cempaka Sari


The Environmental Health Department enforced actions against the owner of premises No 63, Persiaran Cempaka Sari 22, Taman Cempaka, 31400 Ipoh, utilizing Nuisance Removal Notices, Compound Offers, and an Integrated Nuisance Removal Operation following received complaints.

Despite two Nuisance Removal Notices posted at the owner’s residence urging them to clean the premises to remove the nuisance, they failed to comply. A compound offer of RM500 was issued.

The nuisance removal operation took place on March 29, 2024, around 9 a.m., with 20 personnel from government agencies and the Council participating in the cleaning works. Items removed from the owner’s residence were disposed of as used goods.

The cleaning operation concluded around 10 a.m. without any untoward incidents. All waste collected, approximately one truckload, was disposed of at the Council’s solid waste disposal site in Lahat.


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