Ramadan Bazaar at Stadium Perak, Ipoh


It’s the time of the year where our Muslim friends are looking forward to the fasting month; we on the other hand are looking forward for the Ramadan Bazaar, an annual gathering of food stalls which offers a variety of local mouth-watering delicacies for ‘Buka Puasa’.

MyIpoh was at the Stadium Perak’s Ramadan Bazaar, the atmosphere was like pre covid time but with strict SOP maintained. Even before you enter the bazar your senses were tempted with the wonderful smokey barbeque aroma of the “ayam and kambing bakar”. Row and rows of stalls selling everything from fresh juiced fruit juice to the traditional lemang and rendang Tok, you will be definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to food.

MyIpoh team felt the food is budget friendly and you will be amaze on the type of food sold here, everything looks delicious and tempting enough to stop and buy an item from each stall!


“MyIpoh would like to wish all our muslim friends ”Selamat Berpuasa” and stay safe.”

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