Rain causes several areas to be flooded in Ipoh.


As all of Perak experienced one of the heaviest rainfalls and storms in years, several areas around Ipoh suffer from mild and even extreme flooding.

Quick water level rises around Ipoh have left the lower areas inundated in flash floods with cars submerged in yellow muddy water. Roads are unsafe as the risks of vehicles skidding on these slippery roads are at an all-time high.


A Twitter user shared “I have not seen the drains in Canning Garden overflow this bad in my years living here”

Another Ipoh citizen also, shared that he had issues restarting his car the next morning after the subtle flooding in his area.

A few residents in Ipoh Garden mainly behind Courts were also worried to find the flood water rising to mid-calf length during yesterday’s downpour.

Sungai Siput and Tapah unfortunately are two other places in Perak that have suffered horribly from the flood. On 6th April, the Tapah bazaar Ramadan hawkers had to face the hardship of their tents and food being flooded by cloudy and muddy water.

Thus, as water levels rise and the rain gets heavier throughout this month all citizens are encouraged to be cautious especially on the road to avoid fatal accidents.

Perak flood helpline:
JPAM : 05-5278715
JKR    : 05-5227866

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