Quality Pet Food For Your Four Legged Friend


Jewels Global (M) Sdn Bhd is widely recognised as a leading pet food manufacturer and distributor, in Ipoh, Malaysia. Their organisation was created by a group of individuals that share a deep interest in animal care. As a genuine manufacturer, they not only offer a wide variety of premium pet supplies, but also make the search for those supplies quick, simple, and easy. Jewels Global have been producing cat and dog food that adheres to worldwide standards for its quality, safety and nutritional value for pets.

What sets them apart from others, is that they produce pet food with the emotional and physiological well-being of your pets in mind. With their vast experience, combined with their in-depth research and development efforts, has allowed them to fine-tune all their recipes to the point that even the pickiest eaters can’t resist trying them.

Up until this point, they have been able to manufacture food for both cats and dogs. “Qute” is the brand of their cat food. For optimal growth and development, all of their cat food is made with a specific blend of ingredients, including four times the protein value, twice the vitamin A, and taurine. As a result, its a 100% complete and balanced formula to suit their dietary demands at every stage of life.

“D’Real Taste” is their most sought after dog food. Dogs have different nutritional requirements then cats and to fulfill their needs they need higher quality protein and more vitamin C & E. All their dog food recipes are formulated with unique and natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and coat, healthy digestion and proven to be extremely palatable.

If you are looking for high-quality food for your pet, give their food a shot. You can also buy their pet food at the following:

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