Prime Motion’s Grand Opening: Where Health Meets Innovation!


Prime Motion Physiotherapy Centre, a cutting-edge facility dedicated to enhancing the community’s well-being, proudly announces its official launch on September 30, 2023, marking a significant step forward in the field of physiotherapy.

The grand opening was spectacular, with an enthusiastic crowd celebrating this momentous occasion. The atmosphere exuded joy and excitement as guests indulged in a delightful array of food and drinks, and the festivities began with an awe-inspiring lion dance, symbolizing Prime Motion’s journey.

Dr. Suresh Sammanthamurthy, Managing Partner and a distinguished Orthopedic Surgeon with an impressive 18-year career, delivered the opening speech. Dr. Suresh, also the owner of Suresh Orthopedic Clinic, emphasized his unwavering commitment to excellence, serving as the driving force behind Prime Motion. Prime Motion’s exceptional team includes partners John Anthony and Christopher Chew, who share the same dedication to delivering high-quality care and a patient-centric approach to rehabilitation.

We also had the privilege to interview Mr. Sandeep Sailli, an esteemed consultant physiotherapist with an impressive track record who gave a talk at the opening. Holding a master’s degree from the University of Brighton, UK, and boasting 25 years of clinical experience across various countries, Sandeep’s expertise extends to clinical training and education. He has taught physiotherapy at esteemed institutions such as Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore and has served as a contract lecturer at UKM Malaysia for the past seven years.

In addition to his clinical and teaching roles, Sandeep is involved in an equipment business related to physiotherapy, known for introducing innovative equipment to the field.

Turning to Prime Motion, situated in Ipoh, Sandeep commends the center for its three pillars of excellence: a highly skilled team, state-of-the-art equipment, and a prime location. The team at Prime Motion is recognized for their youthful energy and dedication to delivering top-notch services. Their investments in cutting-edge equipment, including a ceiling hoist system for enhanced patient safety and therapy outcomes, set them apart in the northern region.

One of Prime Motion’s standout pieces of equipment is the rehab treadmill, featuring extended side rails for fall prevention and safety. With the ability to start at very low speeds, this treadmill benefits the elderly and those with mobility challenges.

Prime Motion also offers a high-power laser, transcending mere pain management by energizing injured cells, promoting tissue healing, and reducing pain over the long term. Sandeep highlights the innovation and advanced nature of this technology, emphasizing its positive impact on patients’ recovery and long-term therapeutic outcomes. In essence, Prime Motion represents the pinnacle of physiotherapy.

Prime Motion Physiotherapy Centre warmly invites the community to explore their world-class facilities and available packages, with a dedicated team ready to assist you on your journey to recovery and well-being.

Contact Information:

Address: No 56 & 56A Jalan Kamaruddin Isa, Persiaran Fair Park, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Phone: 012-977-3852

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