Perak Girl Guides Association’s 101 Years Virtual Celebration 2022


The Perak Girl Guides Association was founded in 1921 and has grown rapidly in the past decades with over 14000 dedicated and aspiring girl guides today. 

On the 9th and 10th of June, in conjunction with the 101 years celebration, the Perak Girl Guides Association organized a virtual Zoom celebration that was participated by over 300 girl guides of all ages from all over Malaysia, Japan, Nepal, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

The event revolved around celebrating 101 glorious years of this all-girls organization. Throughout the decades the Perak Girl Guides has actively encouraged and empowered women and young girls to take the lead through their programs. 

This two-day event was officiated by DYMM Raja Permaisuri Perak, Tunku Zara on the morning of 9th June. 

They were joined by Yg. Bhg. Dato’ Jeyadhevi Subramaniam, Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Association Malaysia and DYAM Raja Puan Muda Perak, Tunku Soraya, President of Perak Girl Guides Association, Branch Presidents, Branch Chief Commissioners and former Queen Guides 

In her speech, Yg Bhg Dato Jeyadevi, Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Association Malaysia, congratulated the Perak Girl Guides Association for actively participating and organising important events throughout the years and allowing the young girl guides to take the lead.

DYAM Raja Puan Muda Perak, Tunku Soraya, President of Perak Girl Guides Association highlighted in her speech that the Perak Girl Guides Association has successfully united women from all walks of life and age groups under one umbrella in their activities throughout the decades. 

Throughout the two days of celebration, Perak Girl Guides carried out all types of exciting and educational activities that were planned by the girls for the girls where the theme of time travel was integrated.

 Among the activities held was a video presentation of the history of girl guiding in Perak where the participants were introduced to the interesting history of the association that dated back to the 1920s. The presenters were dressed in Girl Guides uniforms from the different decades!

There were also many fun games, quizzes and competitions that even our youngest members, the Brownies, could enjoy. There was a special session where former Commissioners and Queen Guides were interviewed about their guiding journey and how their lives were impacted by it. It was indeed interesting to take a walk down memory lane with these ladies.


On the 2nd day of the celebration, the Perak Girl Guides invited inspiring and successful women to share their stories and journey to success. 

Among the women invited was a Perak-born jeweller that has made a name for herself, Miss Angie. Miss Angie owns her own jewellery business called Angie & Co in Shangri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The Perak Girl Guides Association also invited Miss Saroop Roshi, a fashion and runway model who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Psychology and is an active advocator for mental health. They were also joined by Lim Shwe Ying, a Peranakan Nyonya, who is an electrical and electronics engineer but now owns and runs a food company called Agak Agak Nyonya. 

Throughout the session called “Spilling the Tea with Sammy and Kritz”, they talked about their motivation, the struggles, and how they overcame them. The girl guides that were present were also allowed to ask questions about their experiences. It was truly an inspiring session for the young girls. 

The final activity was a virtual campfire. The Japanese Girl Scouts and Nepali Girl Scouts who attended the campfire were invited to teach all participants a song in their native language. Everyone joined in and followed along enthusiastically to show their appreciation and support.  

This memorable event was wrapped up with a closing speech from the Branch Chief Commissioner, Madam Tee Huey Ghee who expressed her gratitude to everyone who participated and cooperated to make this remarkable celebration of the 101 years of Perak Girl Guides Association a success. 

Once again the Perak Girl Guides Association successfully brought together guides from all over the world for this two-day celebration. Despite the event being carried out virtually, it was enjoyable as the Perak Girl Guides did an outstanding job organising this event. 

Happy 101 years to the Perak Girl Guides Association!


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