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Perak Caring Association (PCA) orchestrated a memorable Mother’s Day Celebration on May 25, 2024, at Cititel Express Hotel, drawing in 70 attendees and distinguished guests, including YB Mrs. Thulasi Manogaran and Mrs. Gowri Tangayah. The event shone a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of mothers, honoring three exceptional women for their exemplary roles in both family and community life.

Throughout the event, the audience was reminded of the profound impact mothers have on society, with speakers like Pn Halida Ali and Mrs. Pathma Devi underscoring the selflessness and resilience inherent in maternal roles.

One of the most anticipated moments of the celebration was the speech delivered by YB Mrs. Thulasi, who shared touching anecdotes about her own mother’s sacrifices and leadership within their community. Her words resonated deeply with attendees, emphasizing the often overlooked yet vital contributions of mothers.

In addition to the heartfelt tributes, the event was filled with engaging activities, including games and lucky draws, fostering an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie among guests.

The success of the event wouldn’t have been possible without the meticulous planning and dedication of Pn Halida Ali and her team, who ensured every detail was executed flawlessly. The efforts of individuals like Mr. Gopi Naidu, Mrs. Grace Gnana, and Ms. Sugashinee in various roles contributed significantly to the event’s success.

Moreover, the PCA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors whose generous support made the celebration possible. Their contributions not only made the event a reality but also demonstrated a collective appreciation for the invaluable role mothers play in shaping our communities and society at large.

As the curtains closed on the Mother’s Day Celebration 2024, attendees departed with a renewed sense of appreciation for the mothers in their lives and a commitment to honoring their sacrifices every day.

Source:Mrs. Patma

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