Pandamart’s mooncakes


Pandamart has created a variety of Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is Sept 21 this year. Mooncakes are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Foodpanda Malaysia, a delivery platform in Asia, has launched its own Pandamart mooncakes, handmade traditionally and individually packed, to delight consumers nationwide.

Mid-Autumn is celebrated with family dinners and lanterns. Even though this year’s celebrations are different, gifting should continue.

Sayantan Das, foodpanda Malaysia’s managing director, said the company has created a variety of special mooncakes.Many Malaysians have started gifting to uplift each other’s mood during these trying times, and these tasty pandamart Mooncakes will do just that.

Pandamart Mooncakes include Red Jujube, Purple Sweet Potato, Pure Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Black Sesame Single Yolk, Taro Single Yolk, Red Adzuki Bean Single Yolk, and Mung Bean Single Yolk.

Mooncakes without the yolk cost RM17.90 while those with the yolk cost RM18.90. Pandamart offers a 20% discount on four or more mooncakes.

Novel mooncakes, available at select pandamart outlets in Malaysia, make a great gift to celebrate the holidays with loved ones. Pandamart and foodpanda will sell these mooncakes starting Sept. 5, 2021.

Customers can also buy Lotus, Aeon, and Baker’s Cottage via foodpanda shops.

Stock up before they run out and surprise someone you love.

Image Source: FB Food Panda

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