Orang Asli Kid With Mesmerising Blue Eyes


A 11-year-old Rafizal Baharom is deaf, yet his stunning blue eyes has the power to mesmerise anyone who sees them. The youngest of two children from a Semai tribal family typically draws attention from his classmates, who are hypnotised by the distinctiveness of his eyes and want to snap pictures with him. His mother Roshayati Bahmiri, 36, revealed that she, her brother, and her oldest son, Rafizi, 14, were all born with one blue eye, and she further clarified that this was not an inherited characteristic or the product of mixed marriages.

Roshayati went on to say he began learning sign language when he was nine years old and that living in a dorm was crucial for her son’s development of speech, hearing, and sign language as it pushed him to be self-reliant. That is why she enrolled her son in Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas for children with special needs, a boarding school based in Chemor.

Rafizal was also praised by his class teacher, A. Tain Moli for being a model student who excelled in both academics and sports. He recently participated in a shot put competition for the District Schools Sports Council (MSSD).

Roshayati was thankful to the Social Welfare Department’s (JKM) Child Assistance (BKK) programme, because they have offered RM 150.00 in monthly assistance to help cover the cost of his school-related expenses.

Image Source: Bernama

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