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One of our readers has gotten in touch with us to voice his displeasure with the level of service provided by MBI. Here is his letter:

From Francis Vije

First, the long time uncut grass at Taman Lim padangs. Takes 4-5 weeks before the grass gets cut.
Second, the cut & upswept cut grass at the Taman Lim padangs. This is the never ending story of inefficiency by MBI. It happens every month. All the cut grass goes into the drains & clogs it. Hence the dengue problem. Caused by MBI. Shows the inefficiency of MBI.

Today, some residents from Taman Lim went to clear up the cut grass by MBI in one of it’s padangs. Wonder why we still pay Assessment fees to MBI? In spite of their years of deficiencies.

Hopefully this will stop soon with the Unity Government. Furthermore, it’s the place where our Prime Minister comes from.


Francis Vije is a  My Ipoh reader.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of My Ipoh.

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  1. Yes being the President of Residents Association Lim Gardern for almost 6 years my committee has brought up many issues to MBI viz
    1 Flooding issues and badly managed flood gates which are always breeching.
    2. Badly detoriated drains and roads.
    3. Bad SOP on grass cutting and clearing.
    Our Councilor Mr Jeyagopi has being proactive to keep pushing MBI for a number of occasions. We hope our new Adun and MP under the Unity Government will take a serious view of our plight.

  2. The same thing happened in Tmn Tun Sambanthan, Sg Siput. Another issue is the resident beside the playground used to burn trashes. There’s three dumping area by these people. The badminton court covered with grass. People also throw rice on the badminton court to feed birds. The walkway also covered with grass. Planting vegetables and also putting lengthy net to cover the area. Does these people pay tax for the land they using.? MPKK please take action. Lorong 12

  3. Cutting grass in the residents must be everyday mbi must repair the flood gate or changes to a new flood gate and another one more thing is about dengue mosquito ? residents must have a meeting with health department to ask them came and spray everyday

  4. Agreed and yet the minister dares to say that having elections for the local councils is not his priority. Whose priorities should it be – his or ours? After all he is being paid by the Rakyat.

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