One Plate, One Community: Kenyang’s Zero Waste Approach to B40 Child Nutrition


Global inflation has forced many to tighten their belts and cut down on monthly expenses to the barest necessities. In Malaysia, students from lower-income households have disciplined themselves to fast, living on just one meal daily to survive financially. 

With food insecurity becoming a major concern amongst the B40 community, Kenyang by aRemnant, a social enterprise with roots in Ipoh, stands out as a beacon of hope. Founded by Tan Yuen Mun (Mun), with over a decade of experience in hospitality, Kenyang is on a mission to feed the needy and to set the stage for a more sustainable future from 117 Hub, Ipoh.

About Kenyang 

Featuring upcycled furniture and a sustainable living home model, 117 Hub is designed to be a community space where students and the public are free to make practical use of space to produce income and resources for the Kenyang RM0 Meal Assistance, a programme aimed at empowering the less fortunate.

“I was first inspired to help feed the community when I came across Hamka, a scholarship student who was studying to become a doctor. He did not have enough food to eat and was about to drop out of university because of poor health. I came alongside him to provide food as well as supplements,” said Tan Yuen Mun, Founder of Kenyang.

“Witnessing Hamka, who once was on the brink of academic fallout due to health issues, but has since graduated as a family medicine specialist, affirmed our belief to assist the underprivileged.

“Kenyang is not just about filling stomachs, it’s about nourishing dreams and fostering resilience in every person we touch. 

“Kenyang’s vision is to walk alongside children (7-12 years old) from the B40 households to stand strong and independent to ensure that they will be able to empower themselves for self-development. We instil this passion to take action for the poor and to make changes towards a sustainable self-sufficient community,” she further added. 

Kenyang’s Zero Food Waste Concept

The backbone of the feeding programs are partners from across Malaysia such as Rise Against Hunger (RAH), BEACON Chicken (Beacon Mart), Fantastic Pastry Academy and vegetable farmer (Uncle Leong) from Cameron Highlands’ and Ezy’s farm from Ipoh who assist in providing surplus or “rescued food” that would have otherwise entered landfills.

“The collaborative vendors have helped to coordinate the rescue of usable food around Ipoh while Kenyang converts it into RM0 Meal Assistance for the underprivileged. Kenyang and our like-minded partners’ innovative and holistic model sets the stage for addressing food waste, empowering communities and individuals alike to be catalysts for change,” said Mun.

Kenyang’s feeding programme has also been lauded by Biji-biji Initiative, through its Impact Accelerator Program in partnership with Yayasan Hasanah. Through this, Kenyang was awarded seed funding and recognised for its potential to promote self-sufficiency, income generation and sustainable practices amongst B40 communities in Ipoh, as well as tackling hunger issues through a ‘zero food waste’ concept. 

Kenyang Feeds The Needy At Chemor, Perak

Utilising the Zero Waste Concept with like-minded partners who contribute their produce and crop yields to feed communities. Kenyang’s RM0 Meal Assistance currently helps to provide meals for children living in B40 households at Chemor, Perak.

The RM0 Meal Assistance is thoughtfully formulated to provide nutritious meals needed by the children to grow healthily. 

Kenyang’s Upcoming Plans for 2024

Kenyang plans to continue providing nutritious meals to the B40 community. They are planning to increase meals provided for 45 children (under the age of 12 years old) by March 2024. 

Culinary classes and hands-on learning on sustainable community gardens are also in the pipeline as this will provide potential sustainable living methods and food sources. The “hands-on home living model programme” will be ready for corporations and families to learn and adopt by mid-year. 

Kenyang is also planning to collaborate with Harena Cafe, Ipoh to provide RM5 nutritious meals to the needy community.

For the programme to run smoothly, Kenyang is reaching out to the public for volunteers.  Kenyang welcomes individuals from all walks of life. To learn more about Kenyang and its upcoming initiatives, please follow Kenyang via Instagram or Facebook

You can also whatsapp 012-651 8082 (Mun) or e-mail for any further information. With Kenyang, you can make a difference, one plate at a time.

Source: Mustard Tree Communications PLT

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