MySafe Food Program Ensures No Meal Goes to Waste


During the Ramadan Bazaar 2024, the Ipoh City Council collaborated with the Perak State Malaysian Youth Organization Gema to organize the ‘MySafe Food’ Program at 4 Ramadan bazaar sites around Ipoh. The locations and collection dates are as follows:

  1. Perak Stadium: 18 – 20/03/24
  2. Taman Cempaka : 14 – 16/03/24
  3. Taman Perpaduan :: 23 – 25/03/24
  4. Taman Silibin: 27 – 29/03/24

Through this program, excess food not sold by bazaar vendors will be collected by volunteers from the respective organization and then distributed to those in need. Before delivery, the food and beverages will be inspected for safety and quality, weighed, and then distributed to the target groups.

By the 20th of March 2024, a total of 208.10kg of food and 322 more beverages were successfully collected from 2 of the mentioned locations, with more to come as the other 2 locations start collection. This program involved 71 volunteers from Gema Malaysia, students from UniKL RCMP, Quest University, and the general public. During the week-long program, 144 individuals from residents of Cempaka Park, Flat Sri Kepayang, hostel students, homeless individuals, and the general public benefited. The food will be delivered by the respective volunteers as early as possible to identified locations in need.

Additionally, the Perak State Youth & Sports Department will also organize the same program at the Perak Stadium Bazaar starting from 21 – 28/03/24 in collaboration with volunteers from the Sukarelawan Anak Muda Malaysia (SASTRIA).

Source: MBI

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