Musical Event @ Imperial International School, Ipoh


Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra in collaboration with Imperial International School hosted an Outreach concert on Sunday. More than two hundred individuals attended this concert.

The Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS) is a non-profit organisation that was initiated by the late Dato’ Lim Keng Khay. This concerts is part of the organization’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, to provide quality and inspiring musical experiences for its members, as well as to educate and entertain the community of Ipoh.

The two-hour concert featured:

1.Coldplay Classics-arr.MichaelBrown

2. Canon Brass Rock -arr.MikioGouma

3. Adelein Concert -arr.MichaelBrown

4. How to Train your Dragon -arr.Seano’Loughlin

5. Runaway Baby – arr.PaulMurtha

6. Eighties Flashback -arr.PaulMurtha

7. The Avengers -arr.MichaelBrown

8. 君の名は KiminoNawa(YourName) -arr.HirokiTakahashi

My Ipoh would like to applaud the efforts of Imperial International School and the Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra for bringing a musical experience to the local community.

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