Mr. Perak 2022: Champ Of The Champ


After a 2 year break since 2020 due to Covid and MCO, Mr. Perak is back with a bang! My Ipoh was invited to cover Mr. Perak 2022, which was hosted in Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh. The event consists of 8 closed categories and 4 open categories with both men and women competing. Nutrition Pro, founded by Lawrent Cheong in 2011, is one of the main organisers of this event. As a dedicated organiser, he did everything in his power to make Mr.Perak 2022 a smashing success and provide the top – notch platform for the contestant.

In all, 180 people took part in this competition. This is a state level competition to determine who would represent the state of Perak at the National Championship (Mr. Malaysia 2022), which will take place in Kedah next month.

Mr. Perak 2022 event has again achieved another milestone as the best local show in terms of contestant, audience and a record sale achieving more than 580 tickets being sold. A great success indeed.

Among those in attendance were YB Tuan Khairul Shahril Bin Mohamed, Exco Belia, Sukan, Komunikasi Dan Multimedia, Mr. Sazali Samad, a 10-time Mr. Universe World Champion, and Mr. Freddy Yam, President of the Perak State Bodybuilding Association and Mr. Krishna Kumar, Head of the Malaysian Gym Employers Association. In all there were 7 Judges, 1 Announcer, 1 Chief Judge and 5 Presiding Judges. All of whom are qualified licensed Judge by the MBBF (Malaysia Body Building Federation).

We started off at Check In Fitness@ Ipoh Garden with the formal weigh-in and tanning. There was a buzz of activities as contestants were mingling, practicing their poses and sharing ideas while waiting for their turn to be weighed in and tanned. We couldn’t help but wonder, why do bodybuilders tan their bodies before competitions? Judge Sivakumar from Red Gym & Fitness Center explained that bodybuilders use Pro Tan to equal out skin tone, cover imperfections, and highlight muscle definition because of the stage’s strong and harsh lighting.

On the day of the competition, entering the banquet hall of the Kinta Riverfront Hotel was like entering a visual feast. There were dozens of oiled-up and bronzed bodybuilders strolling about, all of whom were getting ready to compete for the title of Mr. Perak 2022. There was a rigorous screening process that required every participant to strike seven different poses before the judges. The final event was a minute-long “posedown”, during which competitors flaunted their chiselled physiques by holding various stances.


We were shocked to learn that youngsters with special needs would be making an appearance, and when the contestants began to flex their muscles, the crowd went absolutely wild! 


There were few booths selling merchandise and there was even a booth selling ice cream!!! They were promoting a variety of Nutrition Pro products, one of them was the NutriPro Whey Ice Cream. 


It can seem that all it takes to wow an audience is to strut confidently across the stage and show off your muscles. My Ipoh team saw the sheer determination and willpower each participant had to endure to obtain “The Body”. Our hats are off to each and every contestant who made it this far in the competition for Mr. Perak 2022; you all truly deserve it.

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  1. We all from the ANDERSON SCHOOL IPOH would like to contact Federick Yam Kah Heng. (Freddy Yam) The one in the picture wearing a hat. Pls ask him to contact me Alex Wong 0195106881. Old school friend lost his contact.

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