MDEC & MAWiD: Inspiring Women to Break Tech Barriers


The “100 Go Digital” event at Quest International University in Perak on September 20, 2023, was a huge success. It was initiated by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and organized by the Malaysian Association for Women in Digital & Technology (MAWiD).

This event brought together women from various corners of Malaysia, both newcomers and experienced individuals, eager to explore the vast opportunities presented by the digital economy and technology. The event aimed to empower and educate women on leveraging platforms like TikTok for business growth and to provide insights into the broader digital landscape.

MAWiD, founded by a passionate group of women, is committed to providing a platform for Malaysian women to excel in the digital economy and technology sectors. The organization envisions a strong community where women can connect, collaborate, and thrive, ensuring they are well-prepared for the future challenges in these rapidly evolving fields. Their mission is to be game-changers in driving digital transformation for Malaysian women across all sectors and industries.

The event featured a diverse range of practical and highly relevant topics catered to aspiring digital entrepreneurs. Attendees had the opportunity to explore TikTok-related subjects, including TikTok Shop Introduction, TikTok Affiliate, and TikTok Newbies Tricks & Tips. Cherise Ling, an expert from TikTok Shop Malaysia, shared her expertise, offering valuable insights into effective TikTok usage. She even provided a hands-on experience by creating a sample TikTok video during the event. Additionally, Carol Fung, a representative from MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), highlighted MDEC’s support for startups and SMEs, emphasizing their commitment to nurturing Malaysia’s digital ecosystem, ensuring entrepreneurs have the resources and guidance needed to succeed in the digital era.

One of the highlights of the event was witnessing the enthusiastic participation of newcomers, many of whom were venturing into the business and e-commerce world for the first time. Under the guidance of the coaches and speakers, these participants took bold steps into the digital realm. They opened their TikTok accounts, set up TikTok shops, and, most importantly, uploaded their very first videos. The energy and determination in the room were truly inspiring.

MAWiD’s dedication to its members extended well beyond the event itself. As part of their ongoing post-event support, they enthusiastically encouraged participants to become part of their WhatsApp Group. Here, individuals have the opportunity to seek guidance and advice regarding their businesses and TikTok endeavors. This platform serves as more than just a Q&A hub; it cultivates meaningful connections among like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive community for women in the digital and technology sphere.

In summary, “100 Go Digital” embodies the remarkable potential of collaboration and education in empowering women within Malaysia’s digital and technology landscape. The event’s resounding success is a testament to the unwavering vision and dedication of MAWiD, MDEC, and all those involved. Our collective hope at MyIpoh, is that such programs become a regular occurrence, equipping an increasing number of Malaysian women with the tools and confidence to excel in the dynamic world of digital entrepreneurship.

Kudos to MDEC and MAWiD for an outstanding achievement!

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