MBI’s Swift Response in Ipoh Garden


Recently, MBI conducted an extensive operation in Ipoh Garden, specifically at a residence on Jalan Merpati.. This operation, known as the “Integrated Operation for Cleaning and Removing Waste,” was prompted by concerns that the homeowner might be struggling with hoarding disorder.

Hoarder syndrome, or hoarding disorder, is a mental health condition characterized by an overwhelming compulsion to accumulate an excessive quantity of items, often of minimal or no value, and a great reluctance to part with them. Those affected by hoarding disorder typically find it exceptionally challenging to let go of even the most insignificant possessions, leading to a chaotic accumulation of items within their living spaces.

In this particular case, the homeowner’s hoarding tendencies had led to a substantial buildup of items, so much so that they threatened to spill over onto the streets, creating an alarming situation. The sheer volume of these possessions had reached a critical point, not only raising concerns about fire hazards but also posing a serious threat to public safety and sanitation in the area.

In addition to this, the clutter had turned into a breeding ground for a variety of unwanted critters, such as insects and rats, which brought about further problems for the area. This situation had a profound impact on the quality of life for local residents.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, MBI promptly coordinated efforts to restore the cleanliness to the neighborhood. This operation has been met with immense relief and gratitude from the residents of Ipoh Garden, who had long endured the disturbances caused by the cluttered property and the complexities associated with hoarding disorder.

MyIpoh conveys its sincere gratitude to MBI for their swift and efficient response, while also expressing our wish that the homeowner receives the essential support and guidance to address their hoarding disorder. It is vital that we collectively acknowledge the signs of hoarding disorder and take proactive steps to prevent such situations from worsening, necessitating a unified effort from the community.

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