MBI’s Initiative for Kids’ Cosplay Delight


Approximately 18 children under the age of 12 participated in the Cosplay Competition organized by the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

The event, held this morning at the Arts Lane @ Panglima Lane in Ipoh, was an initiative by the MBI Community Service Department.

In attendance to enliven the event were Dato’ Ahmad Hariri bin Kamarudin, a member of the MBI and Chairman of the MBI Tourism Committee, Tuan Zulkifle bin Jaafar Sidek, MBI Senior Director of Services, and Puan Normala Latiff, Director of City Community.

In the competition, participants were required to perform a two-minute skit against the backdrop of their chosen music.

The winners of the competition would receive cash prizes along with certificates of appreciation.

It is hoped that the organization of such programs can further enhance the Christmas celebration and contribute to the festivities of Visit Ipoh 2023, leading towards the celebration of Visit Perak 2024.

Image Source: MBI FB

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