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Buluh Maine Coon Pet Shop owners En. Rashidi Adnan and his wife Puan Reen first kick-started their business in 2020 when they began as Maine Coon home breeders and used Facebook as a platform to introduce and market these furry giants to the netizens.

Now it’s been about two weeks since they have exclusively opened the first-ever Maine Coon pet shop in Ipoh.

Before we dive in further about Buluh Maine Coon Pet Shop, let’s get to know about these gentle giants first!

About Maine Coons

Maine Coons may originate from the cat family but they have a very distinctive personality from most cats. Maine Coons are loyal sociable cats and they are water lovers which may be surprising but you’ll watch them enjoy their bath times.

Apart from that, they make great companions with their cuddly and affectionate personalities. They are family-friendly pets with their gentle character; kids would be safe around them and will surely love them.

Owners of Maine Coons are encouraged to train their pets to perform tricks as Maine Coons are also known as intelligent cats.

Maine Coons originates from Maine which is a state in the US, however the Maine Coons in Buluh Pet Shop have ancestry that comes from Ukraine. The Maine Coon is also known for its large size and a thick double coat of long hair and unique rounded eyes. They also have gorgeous long fur where their ears look tufted with the iconic mane around their neck. These are their distinctive features and cannot be found in other cat breeds.

They are nicked named the “gentle giants” because their weight can range from 15 lbs to 25 lbs, making them about 10 to 20 pounds heavier than a normal cat and has a life expectancy up to 12.5 years.

According to the owners of Buluh Maine Coon Pet Shop, all the Maine Coons they sell comes with Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) certificate, which authenticates their lineage. Their Maine Coons are all vaccinated and if needed microchipped.

The owners also stressed that all their Maine Coon kittens are rehomed at 4 months as they will have been gradually and naturally weaned by their mothers, their eyesight and hearing have fully matured and they will have learned how to play and groom themselves appropriately.

Services provided at Buluh Maine Coon Pet Shop

Buluh Maine Coon Pet Shop sells quality food (both wet and dry), treats and accessories not only for Maine Coons but for all types of cats. They also plan to branch out in the Cat fashion line, where you can custom make clothing for your pets or even buy ready-made clothes for cats.

They also offer expert cat grooming services for all breed and local cats. Some of the grooming services offered are:

  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Bath
  • Brush Out / Trimming / Detangling
  • Whitening
  • Lion Cut

Optional: Treat With Anti-Flea Medicine

Pick-up services are also available around Ipoh for cat owners who aren’t able or don’t have the time to send their cats for grooming, which comes with a small fee.

Cat hotels and rooms are other available services if you are going on a vacation. Buluh Maine Coon will take care of your cats and provide them with luxurious facilities.

MyIpoh recommends that you come over to Buluh Maine Coon Pet shop to view and “sayang” these gentle giants and maybe stock up on your cat treats and accessories.

Their contact details:

Name: BULUH MaineCoon Pet Shop

Address: 23, Jalan Bandar Baru Tambun 1, Bandar Baru Tambun, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: 019-450 2274/ 013- 5961 915

Business hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, closed on Sunday.



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