Legendary Noor Jahan Bakery’s Owner Dies


Habib Rahiman P. Mohamed Salleh, the owner of the popular Ipoh bakery and cake shop Noor Jahan Bakery, passed away at 5:20 a.m. yesterday.

Viral Perak Facebook page posted information on the deceased’s passing.

One of the oldest stores still in business in Ipoh’s centre since more than 120 years ago is Noor Jahan Bakery, which is well renowned for its 80 sen doughnuts and other old school selections such as the  “benggali bread,” fruit cake, icing cakes, rock buns and breads. His late grandfather founded the company in 1902, and his father carried it on from that point on.

My Ipoh would like to extend our condolence to the family.

Image Credit: Viral Perak FB

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  1. Sad brother
    May he Rest in Peace
    The shop reminds me of my childhood.
    The best butter cream cake pastries bun bread raisin bun.
    I can still remember for children’s day dad use to pre order icing fruit cake two days earlier with our 3 Roda roti man because we don’t have transport to go to Noor Jahan bakery in the 70s.
    The bread uncle use to bring it the evening next day.

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