Launching of World Earth Day : Perak


The Hijaukan Bumi Selamatkan Generasi Akan Datang program was held on the 22nd April at Kinta Riverwalk.

This program was organised by Lions Club of Perak Silver State with the help of MBI and was launched by YB Tuan Mohd Akmal Bin Kamaruddin, the Chairman of Jawantankuasa Kesihatan, Sains, Alam Sekitar dan Teknologi Hijau.

It was also attended by Y.Bhg Dato’ Rumaizi Bin Baharin@Md Daud, Datuk Bandar Ipoh, Tuan Meor Hezbullah Bin Meor Abd Malik, Kinta District Officer, Y Bhg. Dato’ Yeoh Moh Chai, Lions Club International Multiple District Vice Council Chairperson Encik Mohd Syahrizal bin Azmi, YDP PIBG SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh, Puan Wiza Rozahrin binti Mohammad Radzi

The principal of SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh and a few NGO members of Lions Club, Junior Chamber International Kinta together with a few teachers and students from SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh took part in the program.

According to the President of the Lions Club of Perak Silver State, 5 Tecoma trees or commonly known as Malaysia’s Sakura was planted this morning in accordance with Perak State Level World Earth Day 2022 celebration.  

These trees flower twice every year like the Japanese Sakura tree.  Apart from, beautifying the Kinta River bank it also is a part of MBI’s 2030 mission which is “Ipoh Bandar Rendah Karbon 2030”.

According to Dato Yeoh, the location of the plantation of trees by the river bank is also for the Lions Club convention in Ipoh which will be attended by 500 delegates from around the country.

Students of SMK Perempuan Ipoh from 36 different classes also donated 624 eco-bricks for Earth Day.

Yb Mohd Akmal also gave certificates of appreciation to those students and NGOs who made this program a success.

May this program improve the wellness of the environment as it is a really important program not only locally but internationally as well.


Image Credit:MBI FB

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