Join Us For Imperial’s First-Ever Pet Food Drive!


Imperial International School students were inspired by Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare (NAI) advocacy’s for voiceless creatures. The students of the Imperial International School of Ipoh and the Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare Society collaborated to organise a pet food drive as a part of the Imperial’s our Student Empowerment Project (NAI). The President and Vice President of Noah’s Ark, Norfazilatun Binti Mohd Zin and Norabelle Shaw, as well as Imperial’s Deputy Principal Tristan Brendon Tann, were both in attendance at the ceremony.

This donation drive effort will be spearheaded by the social school leaders Arielle Netaniya Tomlinson, Nurul Iffah, Herrisa Suwin Kaur, Clarissa Tang Hwei Li, and Satsuki Nakano with the guidance of Puan Norfazilatun Binti Mohd Zin who is also the Exam Department Head of Imperial.

Please contribute to the success of Imperial’s first-ever pet food drive by donating canned or dry pet food between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., either at the school reception or to one of our social student leaders. Please contact Imperial here: for further details.

Please visit NAI’s Facebook page¬† for more information on the ways in which you can contribute to the organisation.

We at My Ipoh commend Imperial International School for helping support a generation that cares about and respects animals.

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