Ipoh’s Thermowaste System Sets the Bar for Asia


The Thermowaste System is a groundbreaking concept aimed at providing additional utility to all waste by recycling and efficiently separating household solid waste. It aligns with the donut economy concept, emphasizing a circular economic model.

Upon completion of the construction of this facility, Ipoh is set to become the first city in Asia to achieve 100% waste recycling using this technology. It is an environmentally friendly technology with no pollution.

The basic operation of this technology involves sterilization and cleaning processes, applying heat, steam, and pressure to solid waste without the need for prior separation. After 30 minutes of processing, the resulting waste is ready to be separated into four different categories: Biomass, Plastic, Metal, and Inert materials.

These basic commodities are then sold in the market, contributing to the reuse of waste in various forms. For example, waste converted into biomass can be sold as a fuel substitute for industrial use, replacing traditional charcoal.

It’s essential to note that landfill disposal of solid waste is not an ideal concept, as it requires large land areas for waste disposal, rendering the land unproductive.

Therefore, Mancuso Energy Sdn Bhd, MBI, and Selekta Spektra have joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on October 17, 2023, to successfully implement this project. This collaborative effort aims to create a cleaner environment and a better future in line with one of the core strategies in MBI’s Strategic Plan for environmental sustainability.

Image credit:Alan Levine & MBI

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  1. Excellent decision. Ipoh will be more cleaner now. Thank MBI and the Mayor for their support and consent for in making the cleanest town in Malaysia. Cheers.

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