Ipoh’s Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Bin Baharin at the 9th Asia Smart Cities Conference


Y.Bhg. Dato’ Rumaizi bin Baharin@Md Daud, the Mayor of Ipoh, was honored as a distinguished panel member at the 9th Asia Smart Cities Conference & Exhibition 2023, held at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South this morning.

The day’s proceedings commenced promptly at 9:30 AM with a warm welcome from Mr. Selva Nagappan, the Managing Director of Smart Cities Asia & Knowledge Group Of Companies, followed by an opening address by Y.Bhg. Datuk Saidatu Akhma Hassan, Deputy Secretary General (Planning & Sustainable Environment) of the Ministry of Local Government Development.

The event featured an engaging program that included thought-provoking forums and insightful presentations. The forum, titled “From Vision to Reality: Mayor’s Perspective in Leading Smart City Development,” was expertly moderated by Yang Berusaha Prof. Jugdutt (Jack) Singh, the Chief Scientist & Chief Advisor for Digital Economy in the Sarawak State Government. The panel boasted two distinguished members, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Haji Noorazam bin Dato’ Haji Osman, the Mayor of Johor Bahru, and Y.Bhg. Dato’ Rumaizi Bin Baharin@ Md Daud, the Mayor of Ipoh.

The 9th Asia Smart Cities Conference & Exhibition 2023 was meticulously organized by the Knowledge Group Of Companies in partnership with the esteemed collaborator, MDEC. This event is poised to play a pivotal role in charting the path for Ipoh to become a Prosperous Smart City by the year 2030.

Image credit:MBI

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