Ipoh’s Flea Market Along Horley Street Still Going Strong


Many articles have been written or said about the famous or “infamous” flea market along Horley Street in Ipoh, Perak.

However, every visit there seems to have a new attraction for both locals and visitors.

For a start, anything and everything can be found at the iconic flea market.

The market has been known to exist from the early days and is still a favourite haunt for those looking for personal collections of old items.

It is located along the Horley Street / Lim Bo Seng stretch and meanders into the neighbouring roads.

For the uninitiated, the flea market was originally located around the presently located UTC or the Ipoh central market area.

Old vinyl records, CDs, vintage iron using charcoal, old sewing machine, brassware, shoes, car parts, clothes, fruits, knives, garden utensils,tools, old musical instruments, old stamps and coins.

Nowadays, there is even a live band performing to entertain those walking the length and breath of the flea market.

Hopefully, there are generous members of the public who donate for the band’s collection box to make their Sunday worthwhile.

People used to say that some of the items being sold there are sometimes stolen and passed on to these traders to make a quick buck for the seller or drug addicts.

Either way, the flea market seems to be thriving as it is thronged by people from all walks of life.

The location has also become a place for family outings on a Sunday morning or to just stroll and enjoy the sights and scenery there.

I’m sure it is also a tourist attraction for people from out of town or even foreign travellers.

Meanwhile, the writer even saw pets like rabbits being sold at the Sunday market!

I was looking out for the classic vinyl player but to no avail. Guess I will try the next time when I am around in Ipoh

Anyway, for those who have not ventured to the area, check it out when you are in Ipoh next time around. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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