Ipoh’s Bold Move Against Unlawful Trash Dumping


The Ipoh City Council condemned some residents of Ipoh who indiscriminately dispose of prohibited waste, showing a lack of care and concern for the city of Ipoh. Such actions tarnish the city’s image, hindering the efforts of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to foster the “Smart and Prosperous Ipoh” culture, as per MBI’s slogan.

Residents of Ipoh found guilty of illegally dumping waste in the city will face strict measures imposed by the MBI. MBI will issue fines of RM1000 without any appeal under the Road, Drainage & Building Act.

The irresponsible actions of some residents have marred the reputation of Ipoh’s citizens, undermining MBI’s efforts to promote the “Smart and Prosperous Ipoh” culture.

This behavior must be stopped immediately, as all residents of Ipoh have a collective responsibility to uphold moral and civic values.

These actions align with MBI’s ongoing efforts to make Ipoh the Cleanest City in Malaysia and the Best Local Authority in Malaysia.

From January 1 to December 31, 2023, MBI addressed 120 sites with unauthorized waste dumping, conducting cleanup operations 5,073 times and imposing 1,214 fines amounting to RM498,750.

MBI has also conducted 49 community cleanup activities and installed 1,485 small signs and 185 large signs stating “No Littering” around the city of Ipoh.

This responsibility is not solely on MBI but requires the involvement of all parties. The issuance of fines is the last resort after other measures are ignored by the residents of Ipoh.

Hopefully, the city of Ipoh will successfully achieve its goal of becoming the Cleanest City in Malaysia and a Prosperous City.

Image credit:Jas Min

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