Ipoh planting more trees to safeguard the environment


In an effort to keep low carbon emissions in industrial areas in the city, a total of 200 Kelat Paya, a species of shade trees, were planted at the reserve land along Jalan Hala, Menglembu 13 here on October 14.

The project was implemented through Ipoh City Council’s  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Planting Shade Trees with the cooperation of Syarikat Wei Dat Steel Wire Sdn Bhd. 

The event was officiated by the council’s secretary Munir Ishak who represented the Ipoh City Mayor. 

Also present were councillors, senior officers and the company’s Executive Director Kwan Boon Lee and its Chief Operating Officer Chan Yen Kok. 

The initiative will serve to project a positive image to the main route of industrial areas and also to lower carbon emissions. 

Such projects will also improve the quality of air as well as the quality of life of the city residents. 

Planting of trees is not the sole responsibility of the Council and the Government but also the private sector who are encouraged to participate. 

The council commended the company’s contribution which will help the city achieve green, sustainable low carbon emission status by the year 2030.

Image credit: MBI

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