Ipoh Parade Swarmed By Monsters!


Ipoh Parade prepared a variety of Halloween-themed activities in conjunction with Halloween. These activities included an art and craft class, a “Ghostly Encounters” mascot walkabout, kids Halloween costume catwalk competition, and the most anticipated shop to shop trick or treat walk. It was astounding to see children as young as four year old dressed up as monsters, headless girl, Dracula, and even werewolves for Halloween. For some, it became an occasion for the entire family to get together, as children and parents participated alongside one another. Their elaborate outfits and the effort and care they put into their hair and makeup left us flabbergasted.

The following businesses participated in the distribution of sweets during trick-or-treating:


Hush Puppies

Carnival Nail Palace

Secret Nail Color



My Home One

Ebony Guitar Music House



Molly Fantasy


The children were overjoyed as they walked from store to store, yelling “Trick or Treat!” and eagerly accepting the treats they were offered. At the end of the session, it was clear that the children were worn out but content.

We wish to thank Ipoh Parade for providing a platform for the community to express their creativity. My Ipoh team had a good time, we believe indeed this event was a visual treat for all and we are excited to show them to you!

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