Ipoh Motorists Take Note


The last day for the sale of physical parking coupons to agents will be tomorrow June 1, 2022.

However the coupons can be used till December 31, 2023.

The move is line to promote digitalization and the Ipoh City Council encourages residents to download the Park@Perak app.

With effect Jan 1, 2024 all parking will be on digital basis only. 

Among the facilities available are daily parking, monthly parking, VIP / Media parking and more.

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin disclosed this in the full board meeting today.

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  1. I am Shfrom Singapore, and will be visiting various places in Perak (Ipoh / Taiping / Kuala Kangsar).

    Must I use the Park@Perak app to pay. If yes, how do I register? Must I use my Passport number?

  2. Hope you like Ipoh. A lot to see actually. You can download The Park pay app , you would only need your email address and phone number. No IC or passport needed. Very easy actually. You can download it at Google Play Store or Apple Store.

    1. James,

      Thank you for the response. I have registered on the app and it works. 🙂

      Under Park -> Location (PBT), I see a list of Majlis Perbandaran. I suppose that means I can use the app to pay for parking at any of the listed Majlis Perbandaran. That is nice.

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