Ipoh going 5G and AI


A total of three Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) were signed by the Ipoh City Council with respective parties to enhance the quality of life of residents.

First was the 5G internet service MOU with YTL Communications which will make the Ipoh City to be widely covered by better internet service.

Another two MOUs were signed with Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and the Perak State Agricultural Development Corporation yesterday.

Present was Perak Menteri Besar Dato Saarani Mohamad along with Ipoh Mayor Dato Rumaizi Baharin.

YTL Communication was represented by its chief executive officer, Lee Wing Kui, MTIB was represented by its CEO, Yahanis Yahya and the MTIB was represented by its deputy director, Roslina Idris.

Meanwhile, it is hoped the wide coverage of the 5G internet facility will enhance the economic growth of the state. It will also help mold more IT savvy citizens and also Artificial Intelligence (IT) applications.

To-date, 37 locations have been installed with 5G facilities by 2022 and expect another 106 new locations will also be installed.

The programme is also part of the city’s Ipoh Smart Plan 2030. For the overall Perak state, it is hoped that 80% of the state will be covered by 2024.

At the same ceremony, another MOU with MTIB serves to enhance the usage of bamboo for various landscapes and structures in its parks and recreation areas. The move will also provide a boost to the bamboo industry.

To this regard, more seminars, workshops, training, exhibitions and competition will also be organised.

Finally, the MOU with the Perak Agricultural Development Corporation involves the development of Gunung Masoorat and its surrounding areas for better food security purposes.

It will also put to good use of land in the areas to develop more agricultural products and for vertical farming, construct four food & beverage outlets, two office cabins and public toilets.


Other activities to be developed are activities like rock climbing, flying fox, botany sanctuary trail, abseiling and other outdoor activities.

Surely with these plans underway, Ipoh is set to become one of the outstanding cities in the country.

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