Ipoh City Council Pledges To Overcome Garbage Collection Issue Asap

Due to severe labour shortage in the garbage collection sector,  the Ipoh City Council is offering RM80 per day to entice more workers.
The entrusted contractor Majuperak Utilities Management Sdn Bhd (MUMSB) has been facing difficulty recruiting staff members since April this year.
In the aftermath of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, the amount of garbage had risen three fold leading to the disruption of services.
Several housing areas had been affected by disrupted collection schedules. Among them were at Manjoi, Meru, Puncak Jelapang and Klebang.
Nevertheless, the Council is doing all it can to recruit more workers to overcome this problem.
They have also purchased four new trucks to intensify the garbage collection service. The new truck will come in service in June.
“We have also appointed temporary contractors to assist in the collection services.
“Due to the concerted effort, the collection has improved by 90% in areas like Manjoi, Meru,
Puncak Jelapang dan Klebang,” said Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin in a press statement. 
In the meantime, the Ipoh City Council sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused to the members of the public due to the disruption.

Image Credit: MBI FB

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