Ipoh Born Beauty Queen Represents Malaysia In Las Vegas


Olivia Nicholas, a lawyer and beauty queen from Ipoh, has been competing in pageants since 2016, making her no stranger to the world of pageantry.

She recently entered the Mrs. Malaysia World 2022 pageant, which she won, and now she will be representing Malaysia in the Mrs. World pageant, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion for this industry was the driving force behind her decision to compete in the pageant. From December 10 till 17, 2022, Olivia will compete in Las Vegas for the Mrs. World 2022 title against representatives from more than 60 countries.

Even more fascinating is the fact that the one-of-a-kind outfit that she will be wearing to the event has been entered into the Malaysia Book of Records! Olivia has set record in the Malaysia Book of Rocord for wearing a national costume that is adorned with the highest amount of five sen coins.

My Ipoh had the chance to interview her, and here is what she had to say.


My Ipoh: Tell us about yourself

Olivia: I was Miss International Malaysia 2016.

I recently just won the title Mrs. Malaysia World 2022.

I am a lawyer.

I am a two time Malaysian Book of Records holder.

My first record is the longest wedding veil 121.56 metres and the Second record is the most number of 5 cent coins on a dress which is the National Costume I am using to compete at the Mrs. World pageant in Las Vegas,Nevada.

I am married to Dr. Sandeep Menon who is a doctor by profession and works for the government at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and I am blessed with a 2 year old son.


My Ipoh: Why did you decide to compete in Mrs Malaysia World 2022?

Olivia: I believe i am able to empower married women across the board from all walks of life to look beyond their horizons and to venture into the unknown because we never know where that path may lead us. I am able to inspire and prove to married ladies out there that we are not restricted within the box that society has created for us that is to devote our entire lives to our family be it as a mother, wife, daughter or sister but we can also execute things we are passionate about and most importantly self love. To look good is to feel good and accomplished. With that notion we are directly contributing to higher productivity in society and that will automatically strengthen our economy.


My Ipoh: What’s your feeling representing Malaysia in the Mrs World 2022 pageant in Las Vegas?

Olivia:  I am truly humbled and honoured for this rare opportunity to represent my beloved country in this prestigious pageant. I would like to quote the words of the late and great president John F. Kennedy when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country “. In that respect, I feel truly grateful to demonstrate my devotion, loyalty and love for my country Malaysia in my participation of this international pageant.


My Ipoh: How do you balance your time between modelling, being a lawyer, wife and a mom?

Olivia: It is effort, time and most of all the support of my loving husband and my family. It’s not easy but it’s in the main, doable.


My Ipoh: Who is your role model?

Olivia: It is my father Dato’ Fredrick Indran Nicholas who is a retired judge of the High Court of Malaya. In that, he inspired me to take up the profession of the law and thought me to be articulate, hardworking, loyal and to do everything with integrity and good faith.


My Ipoh: Tell us more about your 10,000 Five Sen coin-studded dress which is also entered in the Malaysian Book of Record?

Olivia: The national costume worn by me is themed upon that from the the ‘Iban’ native community that hails from the state of Sarawak, East Malaysia. It is unique in that it reflects the traditional aspects of the Iban culture in the use of an unusual accessory to decorate the dress – 10,000 individual 5 cents coins – which is a creative modern take upon an age old fashion sense. The 5 cent coins derives from Desta Siga cloth which is an indigenous form of fabric weaving that originates from the Sabah tribe called the Kadazan Dusun. The beauty of this national costume is that it incorporates both the Sabah and Sarawak elements in making this a magnificent piece. This many coins incorporated into a single dress has never been done before; and this fact has even been mentioned as a national record in the Malaysian Book of Records on 4.12.2022.

It is designed by a brilliant Sarawakian designer, Saran Anak Lagong.


My Ipoh: What do you miss about Ipoh?

Olivia: The food and my family home as I was born and bread in Ipoh. One of my favourites is the bean sprouts. It is the best in the world. It is because the limestone makes the water special. We have the fattest, crunchiest bean sprouts i have ever come across no where in Europe or America has them as good.


My Ipoh: What is your advice to all?

Olivia: One of the most important things in life is to have respect to all of whom they interact with and to be honest to themselves and all who are around them. In other words honesty and respect should be their watch words.


My Ipoh: What are your plans after this Mrs World 2022 pageant?

Olivia: To get back to my daily routines and to carry on inspiring other woman out there.


My Ipoh:  Anything else you would like to add before we end this interview?

Olivia: Wish me luck and I hope to shine for Malaysia. Please keep me in your prayers.

On behalf of everyone here at MyIpoh and Malaysia, we want to wish you the very best of luck and reassure you of our everlasting support.

Image credit: Olivia Nicholas for MyIpoh

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