Indigenous Women’s Health Boost


A significant and empowering event unfolded in Tapah, as the Indigenous community embraced a transformative initiative. The occasion was none other than the “Reproductive Health Briefing for Women and Distribution of Basic Women’s Sanitary Kits,” a collaborative effort between the Women and Community Development Secretariat of Perak State and HRD Corp.

The event witnessed the participation of 50 carefully selected indigenous women, each representing the vibrant tapestry of the community.

Guiding the proceedings was the capable hand of Mrs. Logarani, a distinguished Psychological Officer from LPPKN Perak. With wisdom and empathy, she shared insights and knowledge regarding reproductive health. The attendees absorbed valuable information, enriching their understanding of a vital facet of their lives.

The program’s significance was further amplified as Puan Jamilah Zakaria, Director of Women’s Affairs in Perak, officiated the event. Her presence added a touch of importance, underscoring the commitment of the region to the welfare of its indigenous women. The Perak HRD Corp Manager, too, was present, bearing witness to this impactful endeavor.

As the program concluded, a sense of empowerment filled the air. The distributed Basic Women’s Sanitary Kits symbolized not only practical care but also a gesture of solidarity and support for the indigenous women of Tapah. This initiative, resonating with the spirit of progress and compassion, marked a significant step towards fostering healthier habits and overall well-being.

Source: Wanita Perak FB

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