Inculcating integrity in the workplace


A town hall session on integrity was held at the Ipoh City Council.

Some 80 participants attended the gathering attended by State Exco for Housing and Local Government YB Sandrea Ng.

Also present was Ipoh City Council secretary Ahmad Munir Ishak and various heads of departments.

Research shows that graft is not only in the form of cash or money but also through favours, gifts, sponsorship, misuse of their position amongst others. 

Favouritism to friends, family, relatives and siblings is also considered as graft.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Munir who represented the Ipoh City Council and Ipoh Mayor Dato Rumaizi Baharin assured that the council will not defend or tolerate any form of graft practices.

Guilty parties from the employees of the council will have to face the full force of the law.

He also advised all employees of the council to stay away from graft and upkeep the good name and image of the Ipoh City Council. 

Source:MBI FB

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