Imperial’s Student Enters The International Book of Records


Can you solve a 3 into 3 rubik’s cube in the span of a couple of minutes? Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Now how many of you can solve 60 different types of rubik cubes in less than 60 minutes? Personally, that sounds like impressive talent to me.

On the 23rd of October, a highly talented 11 year old boy, Surya Hariprasad made a name for himself by setting a new record in The International Book of Records for ‘’MAXIMUM DIFFERENT TYPES OF RUBIK’S CUBE SOLVED BY A KID’’. Surya solved 60 DIFFERENT RUBIK’S CUBES UNDER 60 MINUTES.

Surya Hariprasad was born and raised in Kerala, India and this year his family decided to move to Perak, Malaysia. He now goes to Imperial International School, along with his older sister. Surya comes from a highly respected family, his mother who’s a PhD holder working as an engineer in the oil and gas field and his father who’s also an engineer is currently pursuing his PhD at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). However, despite their highly professional life they have never failed to prioritise their children.

His parents, namely his dad, was the reason he picked up the rubik cube as his dad also shared the interest of solving rubik cubes. In their leisure time, they would have friendly matches to see who could solve the rubik cube quicker. Surya also does a lot of other activities in his free time, where his hobbies include solving puzzles, chess and the abacus.

He took a major interest in identifying algorithms and using them to solve the problem. That was how he solved various types of rubik cubes with different patterns and algorithms. He would go online and watch videos on how to solve different algorithms, he would then practise those algorithms till he memorised them. It took him about two months, practising at least an hour a day to completely master all the algorithms of the 60 types of rubik cubes. To say, practice does make perfect.

We learned a lot of things from young Surya, as he told us during the span of that 60 minutes he focused on the problem and thought of the best ways to solve it rather than stressing over it and worrying about the time as it’ll only makes it worse.

Imperial International School also expressed their support and encouragement for Surya’s talent. They are extremely proud to have a student as gifted as Surya studying at their school as they are always ready to support young talent.

My Ipoh congratulates Surya Hariprasad and wishes him best of luck for his next competition in December. Ipoh is proud to have you!

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  1. What an amazing talent. Children now days are different from our time. Well done Suria, great work and determination. Well done to his great parents and school.

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