Imperial Student is the youngest to solve most Rubik’s Cubes


Surya Hariprasad, an eleven-year-old student from Imperial International School, has broken the Best-of-India Records for the youngest and fastest to solve the most variety of cubes / twisty puzzles by solving 65 different forms of Rubik’s cubes in 51 minutes 42 seconds.

Surya Hariprasad grew up in Kerala, India, but his family moved to Perak, Malaysia, earlier this year so that his father could pursue his PhD at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). His mother also holds a doctorate and works as an engineer in the oil and gas industry and he is presently a student at Imperial International School, where his older sister also studies.

His father was the primary influence in getting him interested in Rubik’s cubes. Both he and his father shared a love of solving Rubik’s cube puzzles, and it was a favourite activity of theirs to compete with one another to see who could do it the fastest. Surya also plays chess, the abacus and riddles in his free time.

Please check the interview that we had with Surya if you would want additional information about him.

All of us at My Ipoh would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Surya Hariprasad in his future competition.

Image credit: Best Of India Records FB

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