Imperial International School Hits a Home Run with Baseball5 National Tournament


Baseball5, an internationally played game with similarities to baseball and softball, has gained popularity in Malaysia since its introduction in 2017. Imperial International School recently hosted the successful 2nd Baseball5 National Tournament, showcasing the sport’s growth in the country. KL Wyverns(A) Baseball5 team emerged as the champions, with plans to compete at the 2026 Olympics. My Ipoh, as the Official Media Partner, interviewed key figures from the event, including Mr. Willeam Mah, the President of Malaysia Softball Association and Chairperson of Baseball5 Malaysia, Mr. Winson Low, EXCO Member of Malaysia Softball Association and Head Coach of Baseball5 Malaysia, Mr. Tristan Brendon Tann, Deputy Principal of Imperial International School (Ipoh), and Elsa Chew, Captain of KL Wyverns.

During the interview, Mr. Willeam Mah explained that Baseball5 is a new discipline created by the World Baseball Softball Confederation, offering a smaller scale version of softball and baseball. He highlighted the accessibility and inclusivity of the sport, as it can be played anywhere with just a rubber ball. Despite facing challenges such as financial support and lack of dedicated training facilities, the aim is to promote grassroots development and expand the sport to schools across Malaysia.


Mr. Winson Low shared insights into the team’s selection process, scouting players from softball tournaments and providing specialized training. Mr. Tristan Brendon Tann expressed Imperial International School’s enthusiasm for incorporating Baseball5 into their physical education curriculum in the near future, as it aligns with their goal of promoting diverse sports and healthy lifestyles.

When asked about promoting Baseball5 in other schools, Mr. Willeam Mah emphasized collaboration with multiple stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and National Sports Council. The goal is to introduce Baseball5 into the school program, leveraging softball’s presence in the curriculum. Despite financial and logistical challenges, the passion for the sport drives their efforts to expand its reach.

Elsa Chew, the captain of KL Wyverns, spoke about her interest in Baseball5, highlighting its dynamic and fast-paced nature. She praised the inclusive nature of mixed-gender teams, and the fun and challenges it brings.

In terms of Imperial International School’s involvement, Mr. Tristan Brendon Tann explained how the school stepped in as the host venue due to circumstances and their shared values with Baseball5 Malaysia. 

The interview concluded with Mr. Willeam Mah highlighting the benefits of Baseball5, including improved coordination, physical and mental agility, and the development of teamwork skills. The future plans for the team involve participating in the World Cup and aiming for the Olympics. 

Overall, the interview highlighted the successful growth of Baseball5 in Malaysia, with efforts to promote the sport in schools and expand its reach internationally. Imperial International School’s support and enthusiasm demonstrate their commitment to fostering diverse sports and healthy lifestyles among their students.

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