Imperial Goes Cashless


Imperial International School Ipoh implements cashless system for added convenience and also teach students value of financial prudence.

The start of the 2022–2023 school year (August 22), Imperial International School in collaboration with Hong Leong Bank will roll out cashless payment terminals in the cafeteria and bookstore.

Moving toward a cashless society is something we’re working on everywhere, and schools are no exception. A growing number of educational institutions are making the transition to some kind of online payment system, which has the dual advantage of reducing the amount of money spent on administrative costs and the amount of time spent on the processing of cash and cheques.

Joey Gan, Operation Manager of Imperial International School Ipoh said “I wanted to implement the cashless system in Imperial, after experiencing the convenience at my daughter’s school. It was impressive and I believe an international school should have such a system and I propose it to the management and yes now we have it.”

The cashless system aims to cut down the spread of the Covid virus, better prepare students for a world where more businesses and governments are moving toward a cashless society. Additionally, the student’s financial literacy will improve as a result of this initiative.


Renita Simmunjalam, the Marketing and Admission Manager Imperial International School Ipoh said:” The school aims to provide convenient, safe and easy to use which provides our parents with the convenience of monitoring spending, topping up and making purchases on their mobile devices through HLB Connect App. “

Payment options in Term 1(22 August 2022) includes cash and digital wallets. Nevertheless, in light of the fact that Imperial plans to completely phase out cash transactions by the beginning of Term 2 (January 2023), every parent is required to attend a talk given by Hong Leong in order to become familiar with the new system and to open a junior account at Hong Leong Bank and receive a card for the transaction at school.

My Ipoh applauds Imperial International School Ipoh’s dedication to preparing its students for life beyond the classroom.

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