IIFW 5.0: Where Fashion Meets Philanthropy


International Ipoh Fashion Week (IIFW) Season 5.0 recently unfolded against the captivating backdrop of Ipoh and Lumut, creating a mosaic of refinement, cultural diversity, and philanthropic initiatives. This globally revered event transcended the ordinary runway experience, emerging as a guiding light that seamlessly intertwined style, culture, and benevolence.

Spanning from December 1 to December 3, 2023, the event showcased a dynamic ensemble of local and international fashion designers, models, and artists. Their creative prowess unfolded on various stages across the city, transforming the urban landscape into a canvas of sartorial innovation. Beyond the realm of fashion, IIFW sought to promote tourism and charitable causes, extending invitations to foreign guests to explore the enchanting wonders of Perak while contributing to fundraising efforts for a local hospital.

The inaugural spectacle, IIFW 5.0, commenced with a grandeur that befitted royalty—the Royal Charity Gala Dinner at the esteemed Royal Perak Golf Club on December 1, 2023. Her Royal Highness Tuanku Zara Salim, the Raja Permaisuri of Perak, graced the evening alongside dignitaries, celebrities, and media luminaries. The ambiance was further elevated by a dazzling fashion show featuring the artistry of 10 designers and brands from Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, China, and Singapore.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the evening’s proceeds, a commendable RM36,183.00, were generously earmarked for the Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU) at Hospital Seri Manjung in Seri Manjung, Lumut, Perak. Adding a poignant touch, veteran singer Datuk DJ Dave, through a mesmerizing performance, selflessly donated his entire RM10,000 fee to fortify this noble cause. The symbolic act epitomized the intersection of art and altruism.

The ensuing act of compassion unfolded as the Founders of IIFW, Louis Sebastian and Adeline Khan, presented the donation to the hospital’s director, Dr. Nordin Bin Nasir. This poignant moment, witnessed by others, underscored the event’s commitment to making a tangible impact on local communities.

With the charity black-tie royal gala dinner leaving an indelible mark, IIFW 5.0 promised to captivate beyond the confines of regal venues. Day two beckoned with a public street fashion showcase along Jalan Bandar Timah, infusing the city’s streets with an eclectic mix of styles and cultural influences. The grand finale awaited at the Lumut Naval Town Waterfront Maritime on December 3rd, promising a spectacular conclusion to a week that celebrated not just fashion, but the spirit of giving, cultural exchange, and the boundless possibilities that lie at the intersection of style and philanthropy.

Source:JH Production

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