IIFW Day 2’s Journey through Ipoh’s Old Town Streets


Day 2 of International Ipoh Fashion Week (IIFW) unfolded like a kaleidoscope of style and diversity on the historic streets of Ipoh Old Town. In a celebration of heritage and creativity, Jalan Bandar Timah metamorphosed into an improvised runway, providing a vibrant canvas for the ingenious designs of both local and international talents.

A standout moment on this illustrious runway was Khair Johari’s plus-size collection, a beacon of inclusivity that added a distinctive touch to the already diverse tapestry of styles. Johari’s collection not only showcased fashion prowess but also championed the idea that beauty knows no size.

The runway played host to a spectacular array of fashion houses, each contributing to the symphony of style. Kolej Komuniti Batu Gajah, Lucky Seven, Rohacraft, Sha-Nad Studio, Puan Aspekraf, Dreamwear by Manju Dhakal, FM@Enne, Rette Tianita, and Khair Johari took their turns in the spotlight, offering a rich and eclectic showcase that reflected the global essence of IIFW.

The diversity of the models, spanning from young prodigies at the tender age of six to seasoned veterans in their sixties, added an extra layer of dynamism to the event. As they strutted down the runway, the designs and colors not only captivated onlookers but also elicited cheers and claps from the enthralled crowd. The runway became a living testament to the beauty of ageless style.

Closing the fashion spectacle was the encore presentation of Khair Johari’s plus-size collection, a finale that left an indelible mark. The models, exuding confidence and radiating cheery dispositions, almost stole the limelight, embodying the essence of body positivity and self-assuredness.

As the sun set on this captivating day, all eyes turned toward the grand finale scheduled for the third day of IIFW 2023. Lumut Naval Town Waterfront Maritime (Dataran Putra) was poised to host the culmination of this spectacular event, promising an unforgettable blend of fashion, culture, and local talent in the heart of Lumut.

Source:Rishiwen & IIFW

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