Greentown Rotary: New President, New Vision


On August 12th, the Rotary Club of Greentown embraced a significant moment as it welcomed its 30th president and esteemed board of directors during a heartwarming installation dinner held at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel. This gathering marked the commencement of Rotary Year 2023/2024, symbolizing a fresh wave of dedication and community-driven initiatives.

The board of directors for this vibrant year includes remarkable individuals who are set to guide the club towards impactful endeavors:

• President – Nagarajan Thaneermalai

• Vice President – Dr. Jananee Muniandy

• The Rotary Foundation Director – Aniljeet Singh

• Membership Director – Past President Dato Dr. Sushil Kumar Ratti

• Service Projects Director – Past President Sathiyamoorthy Ramasamy

• Honorary Secretary – Rotarian Sheela Yeoh

• Sergeant At Arms – Past President Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal

• Public Image Director – Rotarian Abirasshiny Pillai

• Club Administration Director – Immediate Past President Sangari Krishnan

• Honorary Treasurer – Past Assistant Governor Francis Vijeyaselvan

The installation dinner served a dual purpose: not only did it set the stage for the upcoming projects under President Nagarajan’s leadership, but it also aimed to raise funds in support of these endeavors. The overarching theme for Rotary International this year is “Create Hope in the World,” reflecting the club’s commitment to bring about positive change.

One of the highlighted projects focuses on nurturing the future by providing essential support to students of SMK Changkat Lada. With a high dropout rate, predominantly due to challenging economic backgrounds, President Nagarajan’s vision is to equip these students with essentials such as uniforms, school supplies, meals, and supplements. Through this initiative, he aspires to empower these students to complete their secondary education with SPM certifications in hand.

Additional projects on President Nagarajan’s agenda encompass enhancing the facilities and equipment at the center of Persatuan Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Buntong (PPDK) and the Identifying Dyslexia project. The latter seeks to educate teachers and parents in recognizing signs of dyslexia in children, ultimately strengthening the support system for these young minds.

The evening also shone a spotlight on the outstanding contributions of Dr. Esther Ebenezer, who received the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship. Dr. Esther’s unwavering dedication to the Dementia Society Perak and her impactful role in professional caregiving training programs organized by the Rotary Club of Greentown garnered heartfelt recognition.

The installation ceremony witnessed the presence of President Nagarajan, past District Governor Dato Bindi Rajasegaran, and Guest of Honor District Governor of District 3300 Teoh Kwan Swee. They jointly presented the Paul Harris Fellowship to Dr. Esther, celebrating her remarkable achievements.

As the new Rotary Year unfolds, anticipation and enthusiasm fill the air. My Ipoh extends its warmest congratulations to the Rotary Club of Greentown on ushering in a new era under the leadership of President Nagarajan and his dedicated board of directors. Here’s to a year of impactful projects and meaningful contributions!

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