Google Doodle Commemorates Azah Aziz


On what would have been her 94th birthday, Google has released a Doodle in honour of the late Azah Aziz. She devoted her entire life to ensuring that Malaysian art and culture were maintained for future generations. Aziz was titled Tokoh Budayawan Melayu for her legacy.

Aziz was born in 1928 in Singapore. Her mom, Azizah, was a pioneer in the field of domestic science and came from a distinguished family in Johor, where she was raised. Aziz’s mother’s collection of early Malay textiles and clothing fostered her interest for the culture and lead her to become a respected Malay culture expert.

Aziz became a newspaper editor-in-secretary chief’s and rose through the ranks. She founded Akaz, her own publishing company, where she promoted Malaysian artists and contributed to Malaysia’s first Malay tabloid Harian Metro and oldest newspaper New Straits Times.

Aziz was the first woman in Malaysia to publish children’s songs and poems. She formed the Malaysian Women’s Journalists Association and led the National Writers Association of Malaysia after 10 years as a journalist.

Aziz was a writer and feminist pioneer. She fought for equal pay, separate taxes for working wives, and Muslim family reforms, then created the Islamic Women’s Action Organization.

She collected vintage Malay clothing and materials. She promoted Malay culture to art festivals and worldwide seminars with her understanding of costume, jewellery, and textiles. She also wrote Rupa dan gaya: Busana Melayu (2006).

She devoted her life promoting Malaysian culture abroad. Aziz received an honorary arts and education doctorate for preserving Malay heritage.

Image Source: Pahang State Museum Corporation & Google Doodle

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