Garbage Cans Distribution Programme


The free delivery of 120-liter wheeled trash cans  to residents of Taman Tasek Mewah is MBI’s  26th delivery location. This housing area consist of 645 homes.

The Program Launch was completed by YBhg. Clr. Mr. Haji Mohd Rafaad Bin Razalli, Zone 10 Councilor Mr. Basharuddin Bin Ismail (Head of Additional Alum Organized Village), Mr. Mohd Azizi Bin Abdul Latif (Head of Additional Alum Village), Mr. Chahril Bin Acho (JPP Zone 10) and Haji Jamaludin Bin Zakaria were also present (JPKK Kampung Tawas Tambahan).

In addition, each bin recipient received a pamphlet titled “Penyediaan Tong Sampah Di Premis Perniagaan Dan Rumah Kediaman” as part of MBI’s ongoing efforts to raise public awareness about proper garbage disposal methods.

Image Source:MBI FB

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